New Zealand, Grand Flex User (Watch video)

“I got a Feral breed and he’s a big solid guy and I’ve just found it (Grand Flex) as amusing as preventative. And it’s going really well. It’s pellet able. He doesn’t mind eating it. I just feel it’s really nice and supple and I do really see a difference in the way he moves. Lot being on it pretty much.”


Liz Koob, The Bridled Life  (Watch video)

“I came across Grand Meadows in Australia. I was introduced by a friend. I used it on a mare whose coat was not quite so shiny and is having a little bit of trouble shedding its winter coat. Being on Grand Meadows played that and her coat is beautiful and shiny. She just has that shine on her. Used it on some of my younger horses. Also had the same issue. The coat came out, and it’s beautiful and shiny. All dappled and it’s an amazing product, I love it. I can’t live without it.”


Neil MacLaine, Moose Mountain Horseback Adventures  (Watch video)

“We’ve been using the Grand Hoof for about 3 years now. We have out of string of 35 horses. There’s about 5 of them tend to have weaker feet than we would like. Cracked hoofs and we’ve put them on supplement of Grand Hoof to improve the quality of their hoofs. And it does seem to work over the longest term it’s kind of a 6 months investment before we started seeing improvement but horses formally have weak feet now have stronger ones.”