Commitment to excellence is a term that is often thrown around to impress people but our experience is that the claim is often made without a whole lot to back it up.

We feel the most important thing that this page can do is briefly explain the approach we take in the manufacturing of our supplements. We want to make you feel comfortable that when you buy a Grand Meadows product that it will be safe and effective.

The first issue to deal with is determining that we are using the best quality ingredients. As an audited member of the NASC we have to follow strict guidelines for testing of raw materials.

We now submit samples of raw materials to one of three US laboratories approved by the NASC for secondary testing beyond what the manufacturer of the raw material states is the purity of the raw material. This insures that we have accurately labeled products that are free from any toxins or false additives.

Once we are comfortable that all the raw materials have met our standards we are then ready to start the actual manufacturing process. The blending of ingredients is quite a technically challenging process and requires sophisticated equipment to insure that the formula is consistent from the first scoop in the bucket to the last.

Our labels are designed to make it very clear to see and understand the exact levels of all of the ingredients and how the product should be given to your animal.

We have quality control checks at multiple stages in the manufacturing process and given that our rate of product returns on an annual basis is less than 1% we are pretty satisfied that our checks and standards are very effective in providing products that meet label specifications, do what they say they are going to do and are safe for your animals or for you.

Nevertheless we do not rest on our laurels, we are always looking for ways to improve, we recently changed the flax meal we use to a heat stabilized flax meal that has an extended shelf life and much reduced risk of rancidity in the heat of the summer. This was a more expensive product but we did not raise our prices, we knew that this change would improve the product, so we did it.

We are now exporting to other countries and some have very exacting import requirements. For us to be able to export to Australia for example we had to have an FDA audit showing we complied with FDA standards. A senior auditor was sent to our plant to conduct the audit recently and we passed with a score of 96.7% — this and the loyalty of our customers, the fantastic testimonials we hear about, are all a testament to the fact that we at Grand Meadows have a very uncompromising Commitment to Excellence.